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While having sex with a woman, after you orgasm, hug her and whisper into her ear "I'm sorry little one" then toss her off the bed head first. While she's unconscious, rummage through her jewelery box and take all the jewels. Then, snap your fingers and make you and half the shit in your house dissappear.
"Hey bro I'm trying to do something new with the next girl I smash. Any suggestion to spice things up?"

"Well you could always do the thanos"

"Holy shit great idea. Maybe I'll get a new TV this time!"
by Testicular cancer is no joke February 14, 2019
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When you are about to cum, rest your nuts on her chin, and snap your fingers as half the population disappears and you leave.
I wanted to nut so I did The Thanos and left
by Chris Gr June 24, 2018
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Fucking someone so hard they can’t feel half of their body.
by Rez199522 December 08, 2018
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