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I'm Chuckling Mildly
What UB spelled backwards?

BU, why?
I dont want to be you, i want to be my self
ICM (not LOLing)
by newboy September 20, 2011
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It's Cool Man.

Way to express, that you're cool about the surrounding world, no matter what happens.

Used extensively in South Africa
- Dude, the world is going to end tomorrow
- icm

(at church)
- Sh1t man, I forgot to bring your wedding rings !
- icm, we'll use our folks'
by szimano November 25, 2010
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The Ice Cream Man. Not releative to the drug dealing "Ice Cream Man." The notorious ICM sells ice cream to small children during the day at the park. By night he stalks people and breaks their windows. See skewter.

First appearence at Pete and Pete on nickelodeon.
Person A: "Who broke your window?"
Person B: "Dunno, someguy with a ice cream helmet."
by y helo thar October 15, 2004
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