When you firmly yet gently disagree with what Team Plasma said years ago.
by 15inchhaxoruscock August 14, 2021
something that you will never get to say but its ok that im saying it because im warning you.
Person one: I disagree with the Chinese Government
Person two: *watches person one fall on the floor now covered in blood
The ultimate corporate weasel-speak. WTF? Either you agree or you don't agree.

See also: 'Evasive mumbling"
"John, the numbers just don't make sense. We can't spend $10,000 per impression."

"I don't disagree Phil, but it seems like we should look beyond the numbers here."
by Menopausal Hyena February 3, 2010
Essentially means, "I hear what you're saying, but I still think you're full of shit."

One agrees to the other's comment, but not really, in a passive-aggressive way.

Often used in the work environment to piss off co-workers.
Perky Employee: I think we should get a work group together to determine how to build company spirit. I really think it would build morale.

Co-Worker: I don't disagree with you, but I think comp-days would work better.
by hatebigcorp November 19, 2009