The most amazing experience of your life. A time to ride some dolphins, fuck some mermaids, and wear some flippie floppies.
I'm ridin' on a dolphin, doin' flips and shit. It started splashin', gettin' everybody all wet. This ain't sea world, this's as real as it gets. I'm on a boat muthafucka, don't you eva forget!
by February 24, 2009
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When you're an unstoppable force, one with the sea, the king of the world, etc. Drinking Santana champagne, wearing flip flops, fucking mermaids, and riding on a dolphin doing flips and shit is also recommended. Derived from the song, "I'm on a Boat ft. T-Pain" by The Lonely Island.
Man, I'm on a boat today! Banged a mermaid chick, did flips and shit, and a lot more. Damn, I wish I had a time machine. I would be on a boat tomorrow.
by AssCon July 13, 2010
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A song made by The Lonely Island, featuring T-Pain. It also has a clean version on the Saturday Night Live (SNL) website.
I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat! Everybody look at me, 'cause I'm sailing on a boat! I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat! Take a good, long, look at the motherfucking boat!
by INSERT WITTY NAME HERE April 15, 2009
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1.) A term one uses to express that they feel absolutely awesome. Also used to pep people up.

2.) A song by Lonely Island
Person one: "Who's on a Boat?!"
Person two: "I'm on a Boat!!!"

Person one: "Hey, did you hear that song by Lonely Island, the one about the boat?"
Person two: "Oh yeah, I'm on a boat? That song is amazing."
by KarsGoZoom August 28, 2009
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When your a boss chillin on a boat wearin a tuxedo then a cookin outfit and some stunner shades. While rappin and ridin real dolphins and climbing buoys rather than those motherfuckin trees getting leaves up your ass.
"Take a picture trick, I'm on a boat bitch. We drinking the Santana champ cause its so crisp. I got my swim trunks and my flippie-floppies. I'm flipping burgers, you at Kinko's straight flipping copies."

"Oh fuck thats my favorite song eveeeeeeeer!"
by Chantel Cliche April 14, 2009
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funny song from snl....was made as a joke to show how any thing can be made into a rap song...or that T-pain repeating what you say will get u rich! either way it became an instand youtube success
Person 1:What's up kendyl!
Person 2:I'm on a boat!
by Lovebugsman June 2, 2009
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dude, i wish i was on a boat right now but i gotta get tested so i can work.

i'm on a boat right now and i can't stop eating!
by gotjackson June 26, 2009
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