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Look, we both know you're only here reading this definition because you have googled it. And you only googled it because you are staying up for something or are unable to sleep but the only thought that can go through your mind is "I'm Tired" because you are. You are tired, and you are therefor the living definition of tired. Congratulations! May you find peaceful sleep soon.
Oh jeez, I'm tired. I should really sleep to fix this problem, but I'm going to google I'm Tired instead.
by The Tired One December 27, 2017
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What you say when your barely getting through life but don't trust anyone to let them know. Life's kinda shitty but nobody really cares so you always say "I'm tired" that way your not lying but you're also not going into your life problems, and the fact you're about to have a break down.
"Hey, how you doing today? You look kinda down you doing okay?" "Yeah I'm fine, just been a long day so I'm tired that's all."
by Ucover149 April 19, 2018
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Really? So am i. So I thought I'd define this although I realize as I type this that very few people will ever read this.
I'm tired, I think i'll try to go to sleep.
by starky April 09, 2008
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A generic answer for when someone asks if you're ok and you're really not, but you don't want to explain it.
"Are you ok?"
(wiping away tears) "Yeah, I'm tired."
by EmmyGrace21 January 09, 2013
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A short phrase (with variations such as "i'm pretty tired") used as a simple explanation when a person doesn't want to do something but won't tell you the actual reason as to why - usually used as a replacement for "i can't be bothered" or "i don't want to". Also used as a form of rejection without openly saying it.
A: Hey man, you still coming to the pub tonight?
B: Nah.... i'm feeling pretty tired now.
A: You woman...

Guy: Hey.. d'you want to go out for dinner tonight?
Girl: Um.. nah.. I'm tired.. sorry
Guy: Oh, well, how about tomorrow?
Girl: No.. I.. have to wash my hair...
by CALLOOOOOM November 06, 2009
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An expression a girl uses when she doesn't want to just tell you that you aren't having sex tonight.
(Talking for a while) The girl then rolls over on her side and says man I'm tired.
by BuckIguy09 August 10, 2009
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