Vernacular, commonly used by males, meaning, "I would like to have sexual relations with that female."
by DictionaryX January 23, 2003
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Vernacular. Expresses a desire to have sexual relations, usually from the dominant/giving aspect rather than the submissive/receiving one. Implies a lack of personal respect / emotional investment for the person to be "hit." Exact phrase is necessary to carry the meaning. Division, alteration or attempt to use in a literal sense may result in misunderstanding and ridicule.

Common mistakes are made when refering to "a hit" as in a dose of a (usually illegal) non-food chemical compound, or physically striking an object. In such cases, it is preferable to use the actual word for the object to be "hit" over the pronoun "it."
Right: "That girl over there? Yeah, I'd hit it."

Wrong: "Who has the bong? I'd hit it!"
by TC April 13, 2005
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A phrase that originally meant I would engage in sexual congress with that female.

It has also evolved to mean I would get with that regarding inanimate objects like cars or shoes.
Black GTO.. I'd hit it.
Goodlooking woman.. I'd hit it.
by JMongreal June 30, 2009
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What guys who really dont get poontang say when they see something they definitly cant get
Geek #1- Britney Spears, I'd hit it
Realist- Of course you would, the last shit you hit was your mom
by Ryan Silva January 23, 2006
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the #1 way in the world to get bitchslapped by a woman
Sakura: Naruto, do I look hot or what?
Naruto: I'd hit it.
(Sakura punches Naruto)
Tsunade: I taught her everything I know.

from Konoha Park 2
by sB129 March 15, 2008
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Referring to the back of a woman's uterus being struck with the penis.
Damn! I'd Hit It!

check her out. I'd Hit It.
by Bling Man December 10, 2005
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