I've been there, it gets better. Don't give up on yourself :)
friend1| i want to kill myself.
friend2| :(
by destruction > improvement February 3, 2020
The famous catch phrase of liner blown when soemthing bad happens. Popularised by r/okbuddyreiner
Liner: Hey butthole
Birthcontrol: Hi lainah
Reiner: SEX NOW
Buttoast: No, you so slutty
Reiner Braun I want to Kill Myself
by Huge Tako May 5, 2022
When you're so done with life you turn your depression into humor. Sad-clown esqe.
"I will stop making depression jokes when depression stops making a joke out of me."
Person 1: "I want to fucking kill myself."
Person 2: "Same."
Person 3: "Mood."
by NekoKat May 28, 2021