Annabel Chong is a porn actress from Singapore that made world headlines when she traveled to America to engage in 251 sex acts with 70 men over a ten hour period (1995).

Setting a world's record for the biggest gang bang in 1995, Annabel Chong's record has now been toppled by many other eager porn actresses. See Hollywood Slut Syndrome.

Annabel Chong also starred in the documentary titled, Sex: The Annabel Chong Story (Nominated Grand Jury Prize at Sundance). There are secret features/Easter Eggs hidden in the nipple of Annabel Chong on the DVD. This movie is a documentary to the gang bang and Annabel's family life.

Annabel has University qualifications (USC), is a web designer, visual photography artist, feminist and porn star. Annabel admits to sleeping with everyone on the university campus and then later getting bored. See cock swap or Jaspers Syndrome.

In her earlier life Annabel was gang raped over fresh trash in a rubbish store under a dirty ghetto housing block known as council flats in the U.K. The rape lasted most the night and Annabel was still not sexually satisfied. See I carried a watermelon.

Annabel is described as a hardcore princess that has used her sexual talents to shock the world into how somebody with so many professional credentials and descent family can pursue a life in the porn industry. Annabel has made many media appearances including, The Jerry Springer Show.

Noteworthy porn films:
1. The World's Biggest Gang Bang
2. Anal Queen
3. I Can't Believe I Did the Whole Team
Annabel Chong started pioneering a new on-camera triple penetration that had the porn industry in a sexual frienzy!

Annabel Chong could be compared to Barbara Payton cum-movie star cum-street hooker, accept Annabel started her Hollywood career from the porn-gutter up!
by The Moody Poet September 8, 2006