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A school based on character education that recognizes that the rebels of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

"Only at Hyde School..."
by datruth1012 August 21, 2009
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While there are millions of dedicated and committed people in this world, Hyde faculty will go to the ends of the earth to help kids and families connect with their potentials.

Hyde Schools is a network of private and public schools dedicated to the development of character in students and families.
If you visit Hyde School, you may get SEVEN—5 fingers and 2 eyes. That’s a hand shake and eye contact…Hyde believes that beneath every rebel spirit lies a true leader capable of reaching amazing heights. Hyde fosters the transition from rebel to leader. We’re not an ordinary boarding school.
by boarding schooler July 27, 2009
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A school that bases its education model on character over ability. The student population is a combination of kids who want to be there and kids who do NOT want to be there. The end result is that a large majority of the kids leave Hyde with a better understanding of their capabilities, their responsibilities and an appreciation for their classmates.

I understand how some former Hyde students resent the way they were treated at Hyde. Hyde's approach, although certainly not a cookie-cutter model, does not work for everyone. No system, however flexible, does.

Notice how the Hyde detractors are very passionate in their dislike of Hyde. Passion is a value that Hyde values, even in its negative uses. Turn that passion into a positive flow. Create your own school following your own principles. It's easy to lob grenades. It's more effective to put your principles to positive use.
Hyde School Students A & B are both intelligent, but suffer from mild depression, indifference, lack of self esteem, and have dabbled in drugs and alcohol. During the Hyde experience, Student A decides to take control of their life. Student B chooses to resent it. What does this mean? It means Hyde was able to reach Student A and was not able to reach Student B. It does NOT mean that Student A is a success and Student B is a failure. It means Student A responded and Student B didn't. So Student B needs to look for a different solution.

Then, there is the kid that wants to go to Hyde. Why? Simply put, the Hyde approach appeals to them. It's kind of like why would anyone join the army. And the answer to both questions is that there are certain aspects that are appealing and there is the promise of long term benefits.
by mias-musings August 14, 2009
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A little fucking nut-job school where the students are forced into the cult like life that they provide. then they put you on 2/4 which means you do jail work all day. if you parents have any love for your kids get them the hell away from hyde. oh and they use the fuckin gay ass word DITTO
"hey son, want to go to hyde school?"
"are you fucking kidding me?"
by avery w. August 30, 2006
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I went to Hyde. 2-4 can suck my dick
"Hey Hyde, i was thinking we could get together later and you could suck my dick" Gigadee, Gigadee, Gigadeeeee
by Paris Hilton April 05, 2005
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Literally hell on earth. I'm not just saying this because i went to the place and hated it but because it is worse than a boot camp. I interned there for a summer to become a new faculty member after college because it sounded like a good and fun place to work that would help the students with schoolwork and be a fun summer camp but i'll tell you what happened there: The kids who go there are looked down as pieces of shit from young asshole faculty members. The kids sent there have to wake up at 5am every day and do boot camp like workouts all day as punishment until they have lights out at like 9pm. They fool your parents into thinking that they are going to change bad kids into angels by working on there character and finding themselves and doing schoolwork which is a bunch of bullshit. at the end of the program they have all the students parents come for a weekend and the faculty acts fake and 2-4 (hell where the kids do manual labor all day and faculty dont tell the parents about it) stops and they make the school look like a heaven and make the kids pretend like doing excersises has helped them change. they have long boring seminars and and make you fool your parents into thinking you've changed. the faculty are just powerhungry kids and former hyde students which is a joke because if they were punk druggy kids that were sent there and treated horrible obviously they are going to do the same to the current students. Hyde School is a complete joke and they think that charging $50,000 a year by doing manual labor 2-4 work is going to change the troubled kids that are sent there.
2-4 hyde school
by er vt r thhtyhy565 January 02, 2009
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A terrible school where the students are looked upon as dirt. Kids spend their free time telling eachtoher what is wrong with their personality. The students parents are brainwashed into thinking its the perfect school. If Hyde had its way, all public schools would be burned to the ground. If you have any concern for your childrens well-being, depression levels, and development, you will have to file a restraining order against yourself so that you will not be allowed within a hundred miles of that hell on earth where children are truly corrupted by adults who have sould that are completley NUMB. Hyde school is a terrible place. We can only pray that educational and child services do the right thing and shut it down. Until then we must pray.
HYDE would corrupt your children for life
by Hyde HATER March 20, 2005
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