Many can agree that Hwang Hyunjin has an amazing charisma and can leave the audience shocked. Fans from all around the world had already settled that Hwang Hyunjin has a special after effect. His beauty is so stunning, you can't get your eyes off him. The Hwang Hyunjin effect is one of the consequences you can feel after being bias wrecked by him. His vocals, rap skills or even visuals can leave you blown away.
I can't breathe, i think im having the hwang hyunjin effect!

Hwang hyunjin effet is so intense ! That gaze, that stage presence! He really is memorable
by Hyunjinswives November 28, 2019
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Hwang Hyunjin, aka drama llama queen, is a member of a Kpop group called Baby Photos under JYP entertainment. Very dramatic and is the most attractive person on earth. Also, veryyyyy talented.
Someone: Ahh you’re so dramatic!
Me: You don’t know Hwang Hyunjin, (aka drama llama queen)
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most talented man to ever walk this planet. an all rounder. can really do anything, from being extremely fucking funny to dancing like an absolute pro. you name it.
-Have you seen the Hwang Hyunjin’s Psycho fancam?

-Yes! He’s so talented and amazing.
by plutothecockslayer June 14, 2021
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