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'Huzefa' is a name of a male. It can be spelt in many ways such as 'Huzaifa', 'Huzeifa', etc.

Meaning of the name:-

A hot guy who is very charming and is good with the ladies. Usually has a nice girlfriend. Kisses very well. Hugs tightly. He is very possessive about people he loves and is a bit narcissistic. He enjoys time with his girlfriend and treats her like a princess. He loves holding hands and slow dancing. Is very athletic. He is very caring and encouraging. Optimistic when it come to others but a huge pessimist when it comes to himself.

Huzefa ;)
There's the new kid!
He's all that Huzefa could be.
by Me, Myself&I :D July 21, 2010
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A word that means a lot of things.

People with this name are considered charming, stupid and idiotic at times, Nice to everyone. Fights rarely. Can be trusted. Very quiet at times. Swears. Cheats on tests. Loves pets. Lovable. Annoying. Sensitive. Thoughtful.
OMG! You're a Huzefa! :O
by MeMyself&I :) July 21, 2010
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Huzefa a really hot and sexy guy who, if he wants to, will be loyal af. Leaves girls turned on like a pussy magnet. Girls crave his attention. He's a true pearl and a hard one to obtain but once you have him you'll be blessed. A very lucky and amazing guy with luck on his side but can be reserved at times. Doesn't notice but is a great leader of groups. Might be forgetful at times but overall successful. Plus his hair looks fresh and sexy after a trim.
Your haircut looks pengg, Huzefa! Yes g looking fresh! Huzefa looked so hot today!
by Youcancallmewhatever January 05, 2018
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