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Hussnains, also known as “Huss” or “Hussy” are often pakistani. They have a great style in clothing and at times can be too self-confident or not have so much confidence. Hussnains loves hanging out with friends, but they would much rather spend their time with their boyfriend/girlfriend. They’re very committed in relationships and try they’re hardest to succeed most of the time.

Although Hussnains may seem funny and bubbly most of the time, they’re not always like that. They tend to keep things to themselves and bottle things up until eventually it all comes out. Not to mention that you should never talk bad about Hussnains or they’re friends since they will make you feel terrible about yourself!
Girl A: Hey, that guy Hussnain has such a good style in clothing!

Girl B: I know right! I wish I had those!

Boy A: I was talking bad about Hussnain today and I think he might if heard me..

Boy B: Oh no, you’ve got a storm coming your way.
by ZCXDL October 19, 2018
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