The Bronze Age (Huntress = Helena Wayne)

Huntress was Helena Wayne, the daughter of the Batman and Catwoman of Earth-Two (an alternate universe).

Helena began her superhero career when a criminal blackmailed her mother into resuming action once again as Catwoman (which eventually led to her death). Helena decided to bring the criminal responsible to justice. She created a costume for herself and used some weapons from her parents equipment (including her crossbow). Helena set out to bring in the criminal. After accomplishing this, Helena decided to continue to fight crime. Under the code name the "Huntress."

Helena was killed while attempting to save the lives of several children. After Crisis ended, Helena Wayne's existence (like that of her parents and Earth-Two's Dick Grayson) was retroactively erased from the remaining Earth and the world no longer remembered her.

The Modern Age (Huntress = Helena Rosa Bertinelli/ Hellena Janice Bertinelli)

Batman considers Huntress to be too unpredictable and violent. But others in the Batman family could disagree. Nightwing had a brief romantic fling with Huntress. But her and Tim Drake share a good professional relationship.

Batman sponsors Huntress's membership in the Justice League. For some time Huntress was a respected member of the League. Under the guidance of heroes such as Superman, Huntress grew in confidence. But was forced to resign after Batman stopped her from killing the villain Prometheus.
Nick: I Just Unlocked The Huntress Level On My Nintendo DS Lego Batman Game.

John: Your such a nerd, & who the fuck is huntress.

Nick: Only The Best Superhero Known To Human Kind.

John: Wow I Seriously Have No Life.
by Batgirl & Huntress June 25, 2010
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A female hunter who has 2k+ followers on Instagram. She has very little to no knowledge of hunting and very few to zero animals under her belt. She uses cutesy stripes of camouflage face paint and wears little clothing in her pictures. She's on a half a dozen prostaffs (sales rep positions) but hasn't ever used the products in the field. You can spot a huntress over a legit female hunter because they'll use the term "huntress" in their Instagram handle.
Yeah she seemed like a badass hunter, then I realized she was just a social media huntress!
by Elk_newbie June 14, 2017
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a unit in warcraft 3 that rides on a giant cat and throws glaives that bounce, and can be upgraded to bounce more. also has an ability to lay sentry wards on trees called sentinels, which are owls. they are unarmored and can easily be killed my siege or piercing. they are complained about them because they are strong, but easily countered.
huntresses? then go crypt fiends, grunts and demolishers, riflemen, or hunts but outskill the other huntresses.
by D25 October 1, 2007
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A sexual act in which a female inserts one hand up the ass of a man while reaching around to jack him off. Dominant hand preferred on cock.
That swimmer girl gave me the best sloppy huntress the other day. Her aim was true!
by Sloppy Huntress May 17, 2013
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typical nightlife fame seeker. status lover. A woman thats not necessarily a golddigger but always goes for the guy who receives most attention.
self explanatory (Bottle Huntress)
by SplusE December 10, 2012
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The best nick name for Sarah Palin. Ever.
First used on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
The Milfy Wolf Huntress can see Russia from her house.
by Toppless09 March 7, 2009
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pretty tall, white, big footed, attractive, she-male, big dicked, person. he can be very retarded, annoying, and loud but he can also be okay, caring, lesbean, and American. he gets bullied. he is gay but has a girlfriend to hide it. he has big chungus as his best friend. he has hpv and osteoporosis and a pedofile dad. his “sister” is trans and a melonie martinez wanna be.
person 1: hi huntress

huntress: hi
by RyanaSucksAtLife March 17, 2019
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