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Located in Suffolk county on the North Shore of Long Island. Unlike North Huntington, South Huntington or Huntington Station is considered one of the few "hoods" on long island due its reputation as the murder capital of long island. Usually those that live in Huntington Station attend Walt Whitman High School unless you are one of the few rich people and have been sent to St. Anthony's also located in Huntington Station.
Where are you from?
Huntington Station
Now thats gangsta
by ayyyyymommy July 05, 2011
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Unlike the other poster who includes SOUTH HUNTINGTON in his description of Huntington Station ghetto, i as a resident know that HUNTINGTON STATION IS THE GHETTO HOODRAT area. South huntington is nowhere near what the station is and is comprised of mostly white upper middle class to upper class people.And yes, most of us go to St.Anthony's or prep school to avoid that filth of a school whitman...
Clueless Dix hills resident-Hey your from south huntington right? Heard thats MAD ghetto like Huntington Station! South Huntington Resident-Yes, im so ghetto i go to private school and play hockey...
by ~Swagg24~ August 23, 2011
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