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A county in New Jersey and the gayest place in the world. People from Hunterdon County think they're so damn cool. The only social groups are punks, goths, emos, & worst of all wiggers... 98% white population, 2% asian population, 100% fags. It just so happens to be the 3rd richest county in the entire COUNTRY and has a next to nothing crime rate. It is made up entirely of farms, cottages, and mansions, but people seem to be obsessed with ghetto life and think they live in a poor city like Newark, Paterson, or Camden. Although New Jersey is known for its ruthless, foul smelling, and polluted slums, but Hunterdon is the exact opposite. The only foul smell around here is horse & cow shit from all the farms.
If you live in Hunterdon County and like rap; are in a gang; dress, act, or talk ghetto without actually being originally from a ghetto, GO FUCK YOURSELF!
by Fuck Hunterdon October 26, 2006
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