Humpback Whales, also known as “behemoths” or “beluga whales” are Endangered creatures whom are large, sensitive, and are known for lack of common sense. They often weigh around 300+ pounds. Their goal is to erase men off the planet. #saveouroceans
If you touch a Humpback Whale, this behemoth will consider it as rape.
by YaboiChria May 19, 2019
Having doggy style sex with a fat girl. Upon ejaculation, the male shall be referred to as Captain Ahab, and whichever one tells the story with more dignity shall be called Ishmael.
Greg: Dude I heard you banged a fat girl last night
Craig: Yeah dude, not one of my better nights
Greg: What position were y'all in
Craig: Doggy
Greg: Dude you have to stop doing the humpback whale
Craig: I also finished
Greg: Way to go Captain Ahab. Let me know if you see Ishmael again.
by Phil Bob February 18, 2014
a gay whale
a homosexual whale
a sir mix-alot whale
a whale who's keepin it on the 'down low'
a whale that humps 'back' as opposed to one that humps 'front' - etc
person 1: "Oh man dem whales are faggots".
person 2: "yeah,them's some humpback whales".
person 3: "yeah them whales hump ass"
person 4: "damn homos"
by ~tilde man~ September 9, 2005
When two people are farting back and forth, where it almost sounds like two humpback whale’s singing to each other.
Hey Bro, Jason and I went to a chili cook off yesterday and we were humpback whale’n all the way back home.
by indysolo August 15, 2014
someone who no one likes at all! the humpback whale humper is annoying and no one will Humpback this person becuz of his/her looks and smell

(a horney person with no one to have sex with) wants something to hump him/her back
guy1wow look at that guy other there

guy2 yeah it looks like he is trying to hard

guy3 what a humpback whale lover
by maggie pain March 22, 2010
Violently hugging another person, complete with pelvic thrust. Strong sexual connotation.
I gave Amy a humpback whale hug the other day; good for me, creepy for her.
by TallyFootballhead December 14, 2011
When you have sex after your water is broken
We were admitted to the hospital, but all she wanted to do was humpback whaling
by cytobomb November 5, 2022