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A person (typically an artist) who is so humble they won't even accept compliments. They will often brush off any praise they get and say they opposite.
Person 1: Wow! Your art is absolutely incredible!
Person 2: No it's not, it's awful, stop lying.
Person 1: I'm not lying, it's true!
Person 2: Yes you are, my art sucks.
Person 1: Stop being such a Humblebee
by SinnyDayInHell October 09, 2017
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One who is humble.
Person who uses this word must also say "buzzzz" after sayin the root word.
I made this up, if you come across anyone else who claims this, kill them.
Girl: Aww, I dunno if I'm THAT pretty.
Boy: oh, I see, you are a "Humble-Bee!"
Girl: ?!
Boy: Buzzzzz
Girl: Take me! NOW!!!
by David, or The G-SUS May 13, 2005
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