A sexual act consisting of a man pulling his penis out of a woman's mouth during oral sex just before he is about to cum. The man then draws a moustache and goatee of cum across the woman's face, after which she flexes her arm muscles.
Just as I was about to bust a nut, I had the good sense to whip it out and give my woman a proper Hulk Hogan.
by Gabby's Place September 7, 2006
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I was in the bathroom trimming myself when damn i had to go, i fucking Hulk Hogan'd myself really bad
by andy w. cary nc March 3, 2005
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Sexual act in which a man penetrates a woman from behind while ripping off a tank top and blasting the Hulk Hogan theme music from WWF. Once the man has ejaculated - he then drops a leg onto the unsuspecting woman.
Where did I get this shirt? Out of your mom's closet. She let me keep it after I Hulk Hogan'd that bitch.
by The Polish Eagle August 27, 2009
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That guy who goes out wearing idiotic clothing including yellow bandanas and sports team logo jeans. Most likely wearing a wife beater and a playboy necklace and/or belt buckle.
"Look at that hulk hogan, what a donkey!"

"We've got a hulk hogan on our hands"

by Justin McIver November 13, 2006
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A literal god among men. The only true American. Also the world greatest detective
Oh no there's been a murder
Send for the world's greatest detective
The one True American HULK HOGAN
That's the one
by Adam Daire Martin October 29, 2019
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An Over-Pushed wrestler who hates black people and loves to say the word “Nigger”.
Hulk Hogan: “You know I hate niggers.”
by Bigdick9095 April 18, 2021
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