Pleasurable to hug; evoking a desire to hug.
I don't care so much about sexiness, as long as a guy looks huggable.

The teddy bear was still huggable, despite a missing ear and several patches.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 4, 2006
Girl: You are so huggable!

Guy: Damn, that girl looks so huggable!
by xxCheshirexx May 1, 2005
Whoever said your huggable is trying to say your fat without being rude
Wow jenny your...Uhm huggable
by Your local stupid October 6, 2021
the attribute of a human that makes others want to hug them. Usually indirectly proportional to a person's height. Does not work children except if you are a child as well you pedo;(
She emits so much huggableness, it's insane!
by AshJacob April 23, 2022
A stuffed animal filled with the ashes of a cremated loved one
Joel died trying to pass a bumbilical cord
Megan couldn't last without Joel after he died, so she had him made into a huggable urn.
by <Inset Witty Pseudonym> March 3, 2015