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Haircut, Shower, Shave. AKA the man's makeover.
Dude I just had an epic HSS today, I feel like a new man.
by starmin September 26, 2010
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-from the HSS branding series
-standing for hott straight and single
-HSS branding series created by brittany, who is also the creator of fabtawesome
-found in conjunction with other terms from the series
HST- hott straight taken
HSB- hott straight on a break
HGS- hott gay single
HGT- hott gay taken
HGB- hott gay on a break
USS- ugly striaght single
UST- ugly striaght taken
USB- ugly striaght on a break
UGS- ugly gay single
UGT- ugly gay taken
UGB- ugly gay on a break
HBS- hott bi single
HBT- hott bi taken
HBB- hott bi on a break
UBS- ugly bi single
UBT- ugly bi taken
UBB- ugly bi on a break
"I hate being HSS, all the good guys are HST or HGS! *sigh*"
by brittany January 08, 2005
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