Always gets offended when you call her Kristina. Don't do it. Leave that capital k somewhere else.
Nice, funny and self-confident. Intelligent and has a good sense of humor.

Don't expect from her to be somewhere on time. That's not going to happen. Ever.
People named Hristina are usually obsessed with social networks, especially Instagram.

A true friend.
A: Oh look at that girl, she's so cute & friendly.
B: Such a Hristina.
by elenik February 6, 2018
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The word Hristina is used to describe "sexiness, hotness and awesomeness. This is a greek word which usually is for females who are really beautiful and smart.
Woaw! Hristina is so beautiful!
by hristina99 December 12, 2016
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Hristina is so goddamn annoying and needs to shut her mouth. Like jheez i get it, i didnt catch the ball in gym class. Now shut up.
by fendee November 13, 2020
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the best person you can ever meet - very kind, loving, helpful, beautiful. Generally very smart and an amazing dancer. She will always help you and give you insightful advice.
- I've just spoken to the best girl I've ever met in my life.
- Oh, that must have been Hristina!!!
by cortisol.level April 7, 2018
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Hristina is a name with Christianic origins.
It represents the softest, nicest and most loveable person in the world. The women, named Hristina carry a piece of heaven on earth.
-Hey, do you know Hristina?
- Yes, she is the most amazing woman I have seen.
by randonpseudonym November 21, 2021
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FUCKING BEST PERSON ALIVE ?! This is their world we r just in the side lines, coolest mf alive, smartest and hottest. If you see them walk past it makes your day. Definitely the best friend you could have.
“Who’s the hottest person in our class?”
“Hristina defo
by aurywashere November 22, 2021
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A person who is never on time. Lazy but kind-hearted, Hristina is the type of person who will go shopping in Kaufland. Favorite thing is "babchinka" and loves beagles.
-Where is Hristina Iskrenova?
-I don't know,she should've been here an hour ago.
-Maybe she's meeting babchinka or walks Bruno.
by aliroxy November 23, 2021
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