The action of prematurely jizzing your pants, causing disappointment for any awaiting females and great embarrassment for the male.
I was about to get down and dirty but then i did a Howarth.

I scored a stunning free kick today but then i did a Howarth.
by mopmuffin May 30, 2009
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To attempt to hook up with a girl, only to have her turn you down and sleep on your couch.
Tim "Liz slept over last night"
Pat "Did you bang out?"
Tim "No"
Pat "Oh, she Howarthed?"
Tim "yeah"
by Fratrick A. October 12, 2006
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a person who is snotty, snobby, uppity, and pretentious.
Sheila: "I only like rich men who go to The Opera and live in big houses."
Mia: "Don't be so effing Howarth, you'll end up alone and miserable."
by Whatever Trevor July 4, 2006
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Someone who consumes food while sleeping.

Also someone who smokes weed and sells it.
Example 1: Whoa! have you been hanging out with Luke Howarth?

Example 2: Person 1: He was copping a feed last night, but he wasn't awake.
Person 2: He was doing a Luke Howarth then?
by Littlemanlover May 18, 2011
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a man who smells like pure asshole.
"Jimmy forgot to wipe his butt after pooping. He pulled a Taylor Howarth"
by Ninja1992 October 28, 2013
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Dyslexic but fit as fuck with amazing set of piegons, absolute sort best tonsil tickler there is
That Millie Howarth may be dyslexic but she’s up there with the best tonsil ticklers I’ve had
by Piegonswillbepiegons August 12, 2018
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A very hot-headed male. Often wastes time yelling at unassuming people who are innocent and embarrasses himself. Is a science simp.
random: *gets super angry for no. reason and wont shut up*
onlooker: "wow that guy is such a Matthew Howarth"
by mattthebatxxx October 13, 2022
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