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The oldest school in Howard County, it's actually a relatively nice building after the renovations that ended in 2007. It's sometimes known as "Howard is High" for an alleged drug bust that involved a former guidance counselor. Also, before the dictatorship known as Ms. Massella arrived in 2004, the place was full of drugs and scumbags, and the athletics were terrible. Now known mostly for its track and cross country teams, the school also boasts decent football and lacrosse teams, and a phenomenal softball team. Long Reach is by far Howard's biggest rival in football and basketball. The party scene is pretty mediocre, and the school dances are early the worst in the county, as Massela insist that the lights stay on and the playing of Frank Sinatra when anything close to grinding starts happening.
Before 2004 - Person 1: "You go to Howard? Damn what a shithole"
Person 2: "Yeah they found couple ounces of weed in some kids locker during the last drug bust"

After 2004 - Person 1: "You go to Howard High School? Damn I heard your principal sucks"
Person 2: "Yeah, she really cleaned the place up, but now its turned into the fuckin army or some shit"
by howarder September 27, 2011
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Absolute hell,worst place in Macon.
0/10. I'd prefer killing myself
New kid:"so what's Howard high school like?"
Me: it's like Killing yourself with a plastic knife
by Chonese_the_kid March 18, 2019
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Howard High School is where jesus when it is so old. It is full of whores, wanna be gansters and rednecks. The teachers dont know what the fuck their doing. It has a talented drama and tech crew. And half of the school population drops out by 10th grade, burns out on drugs, gets pregnant, or all of the above.
The very Bottom of the suburbia ghetto hell.
by Beth Hale March 16, 2005
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