An Emo Goth... actually Emo isnt what MTV made it to be... but since im giving a description of an EMO Goth so ill go with what MTV made it... and emo goth is a person who dresses with black and tight jeans and tight shirts and spikes and sometimes eyeliner and sometimes black nailpolish and an emo bag if he/she wishes... and black hair someitmes with another unusual color like blue/red/purple, some piercings and other stuff like that... thay can wear baggy goth shorts/pants if they wish black (doesn't have to be black) and most important.... they dont hate themselves and cry all the time make cuts all ovre themselves they can have fun and be happy but they dont hate themselves they hate other people more.... there not always sad (they can be sad everyone can) but there not like emos who hate life... and there not pussies! like everyone says emos are (which there not)
a little bit like sonny moore... cuz he dresses like an emo or so and he isnt all sad and gay all the time i guess you could use that as an example

Emo Goth!
by EmoGothic July 20, 2006
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An emotionally gothic person. Recently these "hybrids" hav ebeen poping up all over the place.

They wear black like a gothic person would. However, unlike a gothic person they wear their hair in the typical emo-fashion as well as listen to your typical emo music. Some also listen to punk music aswell

They tend to be found in large quantities in any present day high school or shopping mall.
"Hey dude, what's with that goth? He has his hair down like an emo... but he's in like a black trentch coat?"

"Oh that, don't worry about him. He's an emo goth. He's a pussy."
by Joshua Johnston April 22, 2005
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a girl/boy who wears dark clothing including chains, black nail polish, and, and mostly striped shirts and black skirts.
girl: omg i love your style!

me: ty! im just a emo goth
by AYO? sheesh May 28, 2021
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EMO GOTH- noun meaning HAWT!!!!
OK, OK I'll explain properly
Emo goth hmm how do i put this? Oh yeah god damned hot
Has emo like hair but like black n red or whatever. Wears eyelineris often camp but still vvvvv hot. The emo part stands for emotional and the goth well you know. Oh and they wear black nail varnish. tight jeans (well it depends)black converses yum!
by Lizzi Dowlin May 3, 2006
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An emotionally im-so-stuck-in-the-middle sort of person wich dosent know what to do. A person that sort of keeps away from the lime light and dosent have many friends .
eg.Greg : aah look theres an emo goth
Lindsey:Bless , must b family troubles !
by annie - mae October 8, 2006
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A snot nosed idiot who can't decide if he's emo or goth, so says that he is "a hybrid" but is normally just a poser.
retard:Im an emo goth!!!

person with a brain:shut up you little rhinotwat...
by plaah August 10, 2007
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emo and goth kinda like a bisexual person being gay and straight, depending on their mood.
You are such a little emo goth punk.
by Anonymous March 8, 2005
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