A grammatically incorrect phrase used as the second line of an internet conversation. It originated as dialect from the Shropshire area of England but has become more widespread over the past 10 years. How's you is an abbreviated version of "how is you". This is how a poorly educated person would ask "How are you"
Person 1: Hello.

Person 2: hi
Person 1: How's you
Person 2: I am still capable of forming grammatically correct sentences. How are you?
by The Oracle November 16, 2014
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1. How are you?
2. Refers more to someone a person hasn't seen in a long time.
how you dawg? how you been.
by LeX October 6, 2004
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Is that how you remember it? — a statement designed to call into question the projected memories of a person waxing poetic about the past. It’s another way of saying: HELL NAW!!!!!!!! It wasn’t that way at all!!!!!! The ethos of “Is that how you remember it?” Is best captured by The Doobie Brothers song featuring Michael McDonald on lead vocals What a Fool Believes — which was an awesome song.

And yes! That’s how I remember it!
Lover #1 when we were together we were both happy. No matter where we went out to eat, it seemed as though they were always playing our song. I never knew love before I met you!

Lover #2 Is that how you remember it?

Rich and successful person: The “come up” is the best part. Maaaaaaaaaaaan! I think I was happier when I was in the struggle and every day was a scramble. At least I knew who I was and who to trust.

Most loyal old true friend: Is that how you remember it?
by Mind Hunter the Profiler February 23, 2023
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An endearing greeting question in regards to someone’s quality of life.
“Yo Robb, Haven’t Seen You In Forever”
No doubt... , How You Livin
by YoRobb June 27, 2018
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Pick up line originated from the character "Joey" on the famous NYC based TV show "Friends"
by AK March 14, 2003
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