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1: A power source known throughout the universe; commonly named God. 2: A small, but powerful windstorm. 3: Hovannu Megerdich (hov-VAN-oo m-gr-DEECH) The man who baptised Jesus in the Holy Bible. 4: Hovannes (hov-AN-nes) One of the apostills that God sent to spread Christianity; commonly known as John. 5: A commonly used Armenian name.
His name is Hovig
by TheAndroid97 April 13, 2011
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In ancient mythology; The God of Wind guiding the path of sheep. In modern types, Armenian male with great attributes usually flourish with exceptional talent.
Don't get the Hovig mad, he will blow you away.
by Ryhtmic March 26, 2009
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An armenian beast who touches anthony the infants mother
dont get hovig mad or he'll touch anths mother
by hoveeeej March 26, 2010
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