A cruel and unusual punishment for children and teens, grades 4-9, in which a fat hospital nurse will come to your class and teach you about sex using various objects, including a banana and a condom.
Alex: "I can't wait until gym class!"
John: "SYKE! We have family life today"
Alex: "This sucks, that fat hoe teaches what I learned in the locker room!"
by PT4BB November 08, 2006
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FLE classes are optional classes you take in elementary, middle and high school. It is basically like Sex Ed but the topics are more in-depth. In these classes, you learn about the anatomy of your body, the anatomy of your genitals and how puberty changes your body physically and mentally. FLE also teaches you to stay away from drugs, STD's and unsafe sexual intercourse. These classes can feel uncomfortable, but they can be very useful in life, hence why it is called Family Life Education. Most people do this class because their parents forced them to sign up for it, or they just want to laugh their asses off for the smallest things. When you are in these classes, you have two types of people. The people who laugh at any shit that the teacher(s) says and the people who are stone face gods. Most of the time, these classes are very short, so don't worry if you do not like the class.
Bro, FLE (Family Life Education) is today...
Ah shit, here we go again
by Sunvibe November 12, 2019
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