nonsense;talking about something that doesn't make any sense
A:I can't understand what she is on about!
B:Let her be.. she is talking jiberish..
by petey91 April 13, 2008
to be a jiberish u have to use jiberish infront of every word!
like jiberish pen
jiberish nose hair
steph- jiberish queen
kirsty- jiberish #1
annie- jiberish #2
helen- jiberish #3
miss p- jiberish #4
kiana- jiberish #5
by ahfoi April 25, 2009
A Language That You Can't Understand!!! Also Can Be Random Words Spoken Very Fast!!! (Also Can Be Spelled Giberish!!)
Fred: Tuna Fish Bakes Cookies!!!!
Timmy: Da Ftuid Ssjhr Fr Dfsa!!!
Fred: HA! L0L!!!!
Timmy: Don't You Love Speaking Jiberish!!!
by bobvsjeff April 5, 2009
The point past midnight where someone starts talking jiberish just because the person is really tired and should probably go to sleep. It may seem like the person is high, but in fact, he/she just has a severe case of midnight jiberish.
"Why were you reciting Disney movies to me last night?"
"I was? It was probably midnight jiberish."
by spritehehe May 2, 2008
Speaking with someone elses cock in your mouth (as if you could speak with your own cock in your mouth) about stupid shit that doesn't pertain to anything such as groceries, relationships, ex-incounters or girlscouts
The toothless truck driver ho bag was talking cock jiberish to Richard as she tried to get into his hairy ass with her 2ft dildo.
by Mr.Firepants May 5, 2007
Sloppy drunk talk that only makes sense to a drunk person but not to a sober person.
The two brothers were really drunk and talking drunken jiberish. Nobody had any idea what they were saying or laughing about.
by jimmybomm July 15, 2022