A househusband is a male person living with his partner and performing all the housework and duties that have traditionally been associated with a housewife. He values his family above anything else and is as amazing a person as any male working partner. Also called a homemaker.
-Isn't your significant other a househusband, Jenny?

-Oh, yes. And he's absolutely amazing! So supportive, and you should see him with the kids! And the food he cooks! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

*cue dreamy sighs*
by A Perfect Slytherin November 24, 2015
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(n.) King of the castle. Ruler of the roost... until his wife comes home from work. This is one of the lowest titles a man can have, often said to be lower than unemployed. This is the masculine form of the word housewife.
-Do you think Lucas will ever have a job?

-No, but I think he would be a good househusband anyway.
by TheBiggestBossYouveSeenThusFar November 21, 2009
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A term that shouldn't even exist due to thousands of years of sociobiological and anthropological evidence in gender role. However, this word is a testament to the awful power of political correctness, which forces gender relativeness in all words. (Since housewife is a gender specific term applying to females, there should also be a polar term describing males, thus househusband)
Examples of other terms invented by political correctness: policewoman, firewoman, servicewoman...
by Varton February 9, 2004
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