These are usually the rules followed in ones house that a particular game is being played in. These rules will always change from house to house and are sure to always cause a 10 minute argument/debate over them. These rules are known to be made up during the actual game.
For example: if you are playing pool in one person's house, his "house rules" might be that whoever makes the 8 On The Break wins automatically whereas the house rules of another person's house might be whoever makes the 8 On The Break loses automatically.
by D. Ferrel September 30, 2003
Novel, movie, play by John Irving.

Migrant apple pickers live in the cider house and can not read the posted rules for behavior cause they are illiterate and also do not speak English.

Refers to rules which you could have no way of knowing.
I am so fucked over by those asshats at Wikipedia. It is so totally Lord of the Flies and Cider House Rules there.
by A Pied Kiwi April 2, 2008
whos ever house it is has to do everything first
brittany is to difficult to get up and go to her sisters room which is against the house rule.
by leroymakeout December 30, 2009
When a man tells a woman how big his dick is and how a woman can tell how big it really is.
10-12"=7-9" or 3-4"
5-6"= also equals 3-4"
If it's a solid size subtract 2" immediately then refer to this chart
Woman: How big is it?
Man: It's 7 inches
Woman: *Refers to The House Rule of Dick Sizes* Alright I guess it'll do
Woman: How big is it?
Man: I'm a solid seven
Woman: *Refers to The House Rule of Dick Sizes**laughs* No thank you
by DIRTY_DEEDS_93 April 18, 2014
say it when u want to get what you want and you have a novo because novo rules automatically trump house rules
-darby and tara . (we made this shit)
“you have to fuck her mom bc novo rules trump house rules”
by Nigger69cock May 5, 2019
One of primordial statements given by God to mankind. Theologists suggest that its first use was done by God when he referred to the Universe and said "My House, My Rules!" - and since then, God's rules dictate the Universe. Nowadays, this statement is used by every party host, every father and generally, every house owner to display dominance and maintain order over others who are in his/her dominion.
Bill: "Nobody put glasses on the table without coasters!"
Some guy at Bill's party: "Who said that?"
Bill: "I said that! My House, My Rules!"
by hdsbunny December 19, 2020