Pandemics can be a lot like house fires; regardless of how they start, if it's your country or your property you'd like to think that there was a plan to deal with it effectively, efficiently and decisively...or risk having something of great value reduced to ashes.
Hey America! Got any plans to deal with your House Fire?
Maybe we should elect leaders that care more about the INDIVIDUALS that make up this country than they do about their fuckin' TV ratings, Twitter account and Blame-Shifting. Inspired and motivated PEOPLE drive business toward success and the economy into stability, NOT the other way around.
by YAWA May 7, 2020
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A remedy for gonorrhea wherein one soaks their genitals in boiled windex.
I fucked some chick the other day and that bitch gave me the clap. I had to give myself a house fire
by NotN8Wilhelm July 31, 2020
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The act of hitting someone in the head so violently that they lose all their memories.
Oh shit man I think I gave you a House Fire.”
Who the fuck are you?”
by Just a kid with a dream March 26, 2020
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basically used to describe the relationship between two people that really get along with each other
me:"i like gemma she's a good lass, we get on like a house on fire"
by uk girl August 30, 2006
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When you are having a sexual intercourse with your cousin and you light her vagina hair on fire and fuck her until it goes out.
Dude, when I came over we did the Alabama Fire house
by OG pegasus mane February 13, 2018
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To have a great relationship with someone quickly.
" I was worried when my boyfriend and father met for the first time. However, they got along like a house on fire because they both like watching football and playing poker."

A: Do you like your new roommate?
B: Yeah! We get along like a house on fire! We both like the same things and we are both clean people!
by SamyTuca November 7, 2013
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