A line Youtuber/Streamer found on a small Minecraft house in a stream.
by Ginglees January 8, 2021
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hous. is where the homies meet. It's like saying "house" but like hos really fast.
bro meet me at hous. at 2?
by .suoh December 18, 2019
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A house, but for gamer.
"The house was nice and cozy, but the hous was much better."
by Twerkulator September 20, 2021
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(Hawai'ian Pidgin ) Translates as "Do it again" ; "One more time".
An appreciative response to an event: usage similar to "Bravo". Often as an exclamation.

Can be ironic.
Speaker One: "Ehhhh, look, Haole back da rent-a-van into da shave ice place.."
Speaker Two: "Whaaat..look, now he goin' hit that park car."
Speaker One: "Hana hou, bruddah!"
by mochi dochi August 25, 2009
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