Store for want to be rebellious little children to spend their parents money on 80 dollar bondage pants.
"wow look, she's the mirror imagine of the gap" "you didn't know that hot topic was owned by the gap? wow!"
by no July 18, 2003
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the place where goths go and pay way to much for shirts with wierd slogans to be "unique" then go home and say that hollister co. and abercrombie are retarded becuase they realized that the people that shop there are hotter than they are.
"look at these black and red pants with way too many zippers. i got these and a black shirt from hot topic for only $110! i cant belive those people that shop at hollister co. Why would they pay less than half of this for something worth wearing?"
by your a retard June 15, 2005
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Store that is filled with poseurs but its also decent...NOFX,and many other bands that arent found in an abundance of stores are here.also their merch,but as we all know its not bout the msuic anymore is it??
wow look its hot topic im gonna buy a shirt for my favorite band...Jeeze i look cool(thats me doing that)dunno...
by cletus September 27, 2003
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A store for people who are in denial about their stereotype. ( Goths) The store sells mostly black and red articles of clothings and some odd accessories, ( Chains, Chokers, and other types of goth jewelery). The store is for people who haven't found themselves yet.
by Maddie25 May 01, 2006
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A dumb place where emo and goths shop. blah. i wouldnt be caught dead shopping there! they should try selling color in there store!
Emo Kid- look at my over sized all black outfit i got at hot topic!Normal Kid- Eww how could u shop there! try wearing color for once!
by I <3 Hollister! October 08, 2008
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Hot Topic is way over priced and most rich preppy posers go there but if you really are punk or gothic doesnt mean u cant shop there i've been in there i bought some stuff but way to over priced
Oh My God girls look its a Good Charlotte t-shirt for 19 dollars lets all get one and we can show off to the punk kids at school
by Adam June 02, 2004
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A clothing store located in your nearest crappy mall. It has nothing to do with rebelling or being "original." I shop at Hot Topic because I love music. Not because I'm a "goth/emo" who's trying to rebel against socitey. The store motto is "All about the music" and I want a T-shirt with my favorite band on it, thanks. But when I go to the mall I go to Hot Topic, American Eagle, Aeropostle, and Hollister. And if that makes me a poser or whatever the crap you want to call it then hey I'll say it, "I'M A POSER!" It's a store. Just like American Eagle or Hollister or any other "preppy store." A way to waste your money on clothes that you'll only wear for two months because after three you're daddy will have to buy you a knew one becase "OMG, this shirt so old. It's so last season. I just don't think I can bare to wear it anymore!"
"Hey, let's go to Hot Topic or any other store in the mall and spend all our money on clothes we'll never wear" *skips away merrily*
by HNB January 08, 2008
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