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A girl that is willing to engage in {sexual} activities on the first encounter
Basically, a girl that you meet in the club that is willing to fuck you that same night; she is called a "Hot and Ready," because she's got a hot pussy and she's ready to fuck.

consider little caesars pizza, you can go there and walk out with a hot a ready pizza without waiting therefore cutting out the bullshit of waiting. The same thinking applies when going to the club. So you go to the club meet a "hot a ready" take her home and {smash} cutting out all the bullshit.

by thekidd7 June 15, 2008
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A surprise. Something you're not expecting. A college exam that you're not ready for.
Man, that teacher gave me a hot and ready exam. I totally got fucked. , I was not ready for that hot and ready. , I had an A going until that hot and ready.
by Adam Kerfoot November 10, 2007
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Picture this: you are taking a nice hot shower and the stean is swirling all around you. You finish the shower and grab for your towel, but alas...your towel is not there. You look right, then left, and see you dad wating to dab your balls dry.
Damn Jesse, you dad just gave me a free hot and ready, my balls were dry as a desert, then he sucked my breadstick.
by PDizzle June 30, 2004
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A girl who a guy calls up and is always ready for sexy a.k.a the side bitch
You know Evelyn is your hot and ready that bitch always down for sex
by Pickyboy August 27, 2017
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