The act of bending over and spraying warm diarrhea directly from your anus. Uncontrollable spray diarrhea.
Karen was in the middle of her morning run when she dropped her pants and began hot spitting in the park.
by KylieNykol October 3, 2020
When you are queesy and your mouth fills up with saliva before you puke.
I think I am going to puke, I have the spins and the hot spits.
by Johnnybananas October 31, 2013
That girls hot spit. Oh my god this jay is hot spit.
by Jezmundo May 10, 2005
Saying something is cool, sometimes in a sarcastic way
"I found a quarter on the street today" "Well hot spit."
by Soheresthestory December 5, 2011
1) A term used when rap or hip hop artists is thinking they are awsome. Usually after they sing really fast and makes sense.

2) Used on the Dave Chappelle Showwhere Chappelle makes fun of the MTV show Making the Band where Chappelle is supposed to be singing a song but just rambles on yet says he spits hot fire. Wyclef walks up to him and asks him if he is really going to sing. Chappelle then chokes Wyclef.
1) Rick: Wow Sean Paul that song was amazing.
Sean Paul: YamahnunoIspithotfire.

2) Cappelle: Rattata-Ratttataha-Rattahtatta. I SPIT HOT FIRE!
Wyclef: *walks close up to him* Hey man. Are you actually sing the song?
Cappelle: ....You're too close to the fire! You're too close man! *chokes out of Wyclef*
by mister boondock February 25, 2006