kpoppie 1 Hey, did you know NCT Dream are having a comeback called Hot Sauce on May 10th (KST) which will be their first full length album and is already AOTY even though it hasn't been released yet?

kpoppie 1 No, I didn't know but now I do. I will listen to it and vote for it on music apps to get it the win it deserves.
by poggers ass crunch May 9, 2021
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Hot sauce, also known as chili or pepper sauce, is a sauce commonly made with spicy peppers and spices. It is great on titties and chicken.
I told the waiter I want hot sauce on my chicken.
I told her turn around and I put hot sauce on her tits.
by BaddBitch17 February 28, 2018
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Someone who adds unwanted spice to a situation.
We were just chillin in the club and then Neil came and hit that guy in the face for no reason. That kid's hot sauce."

"Oh great, here comes hot sauce."
by Dan Sharfin November 21, 2005
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A sexual act where the one person shits into their partners mouth through a tube, and the partner with the shit in their mouth chews up the shit while trying not to throw up, making it look like they are eating something spicy.
We tried to do a Hot Sauce but she threw up when chewing, but thankfully I got my money back.
by tregoat February 4, 2009
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Lil John- Ah skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet

mexican- Nah holmes! Hot sauce hot sauce hot sauce!
by Ci Renuk October 15, 2008
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Its what killa cam calls his cum in suck it or not.
"show you how to top a boss Lick, suck, deep throat, stop, cough, hop on, hop off, lollipop off I know it's white, but here come the hot sauce"
by HAHAHAHAH187 September 22, 2006
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