A way of consuming particularly methamphetamine by vaporizing it. Using a straight shot or a bubble apply extreme heat thoroughly and diligently to the biggest opening (using a Bic or a lit candle or if you have a gas stove well any kind of flame but preferably a butane for any kind of torch really to ensure proficient heat elevation) assuming you already have it crushed up and in lines once you achieve the proper temperature place the end of what you did not heat up to your nostril and inhale the vaporized methamphetamine and exhale the vapor (Caution if it is not properly heated it will not vaporize and it's likely that you will get molten dope that will scar the inside of your nostril) ( Warning it will also give you superhuman Powers such as seen into the future and or telekinesis as well as superhuman mental agility and Physical Agility results May Vary for first timers I'd highly suggest doing it under the propper supervision always Hot Rail responsibly. Don't Hot Rail and drive) prices and participation may vary. Coming to a Hood near you.
He is only showboating with the gram Hot Rail(s) trying to flex them Breezies believe me.
by Theallamericancaveman August 6, 2017
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A phrase used by railfans to designate when the headlights of an approaching train are visible glinting off the railroad tracks ahead of the train around a corner, usually before the train itself is visible.

Strictly, it is a “quiet on the set”, as the headlight glint warns of an approaching train and allows a few seconds for background noise to be minimized for when the train actually appears. This provides railroad enthusiasts with pristine sound in their videos of the passing train.

Pragmatically, it is a way for dorky train nerds to dorkily tell other dorky train nerds “ooh, a twain is coming!”
Railfan; “Hot Rail!”


Train: “Choo choo!”
by G_IV June 8, 2023
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the act of snorting a line of crystal meth through the nose by heating up the end of a glass pipe and then opening your mouth to release white smoke
dayum! them hotrails FUCK ME UP!
by sam February 12, 2004
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The act of heating up a glass tube, then snorting methamphetamine through it and exhaling smoke.
We were doing hot rails with Paul Baloff.
by aesop November 7, 2003
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prison slang to stand post and act as a look out for someone doing something they shouldn't be doing (violating)
O now, hot rail for me while I fuck this sissy.
by prison linguist May 18, 2004
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A Kentucky Hot Rail occurs when a corn fed country boy lubes his condom up with Icy hot and rails his chick from behind..
Mack... Did you hear about your boy the other night? Curtis railed Elizabeth at the barn party, she jumped her naked ass in the livestock pond she said she felt like she had flames shooting out of her puss... Turns out Curtis was all liquored up and gave her that Ole Kentucky Hot Rail!!
by Country Boyz April 5, 2014
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Sex on a train, similiar to the mile high club for sex on a plane.

(To put the choo choo in the moo moo)
I‘m am happy to join my Friends in the hot rail club, I was the Last of my homies to bang a guy/girl on a train.
by Piedlschniedl April 7, 2023
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