A word used to describe someone that films trains. It is not a job, it’s a hobby that anyone can do. It doesn’t matter what, at what time, when, and where you railfan, as long as you enjoy it. Anyone can become a railfan if they want. It doesn’t matter what device you use to film trains
John is a railfan that always goes to a train station near him.
by nothingmuch_ November 1, 2018
Person who gets over come with excitement whenever a train is near.
There was a railfan foaming over the U26C
by David Maciulaitis July 31, 2003
A person involved in a hobby who appreciate the many aspects of railroading through observation, the use of the arts, education, prototype modeling and/or railroad employment. For more information, see www.mickinspiration.com/allabouttrains.html
Many railfans turned out to watch an old steam engine come to life.
by Michael Mickens April 15, 2004
A person who stands sits or just shows up to watch trains
Railfan. Yea I'm a serious Railfan

Cute girl. What's railfanning is that where you rail a girl and take a video.
Railfan. 😳😤 no it's where I watch trains for fun
by Andrews_trains_on_youtube March 24, 2020
railfan - someone who loves trains, often more than anything else (for example their partners). maybe this is why some of them can't get laid
Kirsty to David: I think your railfan mates are destined to be forever virgins
by onasugarhigh April 24, 2005
some caltrain simp that foams over f40phs and hates everything that alex tells him to. His discord server is a dumpster fire filled with underage users and foamers. He simps for caltrain. His YouTube channel is filled with unfunny shitposts and he has sub bots, also hates caltrain for retiring and scrapping the f40phs
"dude aj railfan is so awesome! screw caltrain for scrapping the f40phs!"
by RTG376 October 14, 2021
A railfan who either acts like an imposter from Among Us or a pervert
Me: Have you seen a sus railfan?
9 year old: You mean the imposter railfan? Kinda sus 📮🆘
Me: Amogus
by ThatTrainAnimationH8er November 14, 2021