When you take a steamy shower and right after without drying off take a shit and the steam comes off the shit and up from the toilet.
What’s all this steam? Oh it’s jus from my Hot Fudge
by ThotDaddy69 February 10, 2019
When you perform anal sex on a girl long enough when you pull out hot fudge pours out like a volcano erupting. The brown, chocolate like diarrhea looks like something that you would put on your ice cream. It almost makes you want to throw sprinkles in her face after the she stops shitting everywhere.
Dude I totally railed that girl from behind and when I took her out to dinner last night she had hot fudge running down her leg.
by Uncle Renegade October 21, 2008
When you pull out from anal and there is steaming leaking diarrhea on your penis. She then turns around and sucks it of your penis almost as if its hot fudge.
by Superpawngthomas69 March 10, 2020
When one gets too drunk, and decides to eat out someone’s ass with a wooden spoon.
I got so drunk last night, I gave my wife a hot fudge kamikaze.
by Wutang March 14, 2022
After one receives a blumpkin, (getting a blow job while taking a dump) he then proceeds to grab the female by her hair and before flushing, shoves her head into the toilet bowl. Once the female's head is stabilized, he may then flush for added effect, creating a whirlpool and making it more dramatic.
"Yo what did you do last night?"
"Not much just kicked back and watched the Flintstones marathon. But I got bored and gave a girl a hot fudge sundae."
"Nice, that's always a good idea. As long as you made her clean up after herself."
by jaquan123321 September 12, 2012
When a white male (or female with strap-on) takes a shit in their sexual companion's mouth. With the fecies located in the mouth they give them the best "blow-j" ever. After you blow your load, The Giver of the d0m3 spits out the combination of shit and sperm onto a plate. Then the lucky bastard who got sucked off eats the combination of shit and sperm with a fork and knive and a glass of apple juice. Enjoy.
Dude I met this kinky girl on the internet and she is down for all that fetish kinky shit, she is into Hot Fudge Sundays, and even footjobs.
by Foot Job till i die March 8, 2008
to take a steaming hot turd on the floor of an ice rink and get ice skates on and penguin slide in it.
jimmy took a hot fudge slide in his moms feces.
by jt42524534 December 4, 2011