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The process of having intercourse while the female partner has a moderate fever. Preferably coming down from the flu when extra mucus output begins. Typically performed by couples, the male should not have a fever, thus giving him the extra sensations of a super-heated extra-slimy pussy.
Unless the fever is over 100°F it's not considered 'hot clam'. A fever of 103+ is extremely mood-inhibiting thus only achievable by master hot clammers. Therefore optimal temperatures will be between 100-102°F ~ 37-39°C.

n. Hot Clam, Clam·med, Clam·ming, Clam·mer
Guy: "My wife was hot clamming me Friday night, now im feeling a little under the weather."

Dude: "I bet it was worth it though."

Guy: "It was the best pussy I've ever had. Period."
by SZfiftyfour July 07, 2011
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