When a guy puts hot chilli sauce on his penis and his partner deep throats
"oh babe that hot chilli was amazing"
by fuckmetillibleed March 3, 2017
when you simultaneously cum and shit into someones asshole and eat it with a spoon
yo did you see my red hot chilli in my sister last night
by benitomussolinio April 15, 2021
Spicy Girl Power woman who can play just as tough as the boys.
"Car & Caps are the red and pink hot chilly vixens against Captain Tolosa and his henchmen!!!"
by Naty December 11, 2003
When you shit in between a girl's breast and then proceed to get a tit wank.
by Gaar-a February 17, 2009
when a male applies hot sauce to his penis and has intercouse with a female in her menstrual cycle.used as a reference.
guy A :what?!?! bush became presidnt again? i'd rather get a red hot chilli pepper. GUY B : smooth move x-lax
by funkerdoodle12 June 19, 2011
hot chillie sauce is whan a guy puts cold chillie saucein the microwave then fucks it while eating a taco
mike: hey Jake do you want to get "hot" Chillie sauce
Jake: boy do I
by ZebraGamer November 22, 2019
Where you are about to get a blowjob and when you don't realize it the girl fills her mouth with hot sauce....

What happened man????

She gave me a "red hot chilli
by rollercoasterkid April 17, 2010