A Hot Carl is the act of defacating on someones face. A Warm Carl is defacating on their face whilst covered by plastic wrap. A Cold Carl is defacating on a glass table while someone lies below.
Suzie prefered Warm Carl's. "Less clean up afterward.", she said knowingly. John prefered giving Hot Carl's. "If there's no mess, what's the point?" Lucy liked the added security of the glass provided during a Cold Carl. "I just like watching it come out! Fascinating!"
by Brownson Pincheau January 7, 2005
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1. an enema with cheap red wine, usually Carlo Rossi Merlot.

2. squirting a red wine enema into another's face for one or both person's sexual gratification.
1- John: Man I am pooped I really need a drink.
Dan: Drink, nah I think what you need is a Hot Carl/Karl.
John: Hot dag, get the turkey baster bartender Hot Carls for the house!
House: Yeaaah

2-K-fed effin loves to Hot Carl/Karl Brit
by Hot Carl Lover February 19, 2006
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The act of shitting on someones chest while they are sleeping and then wrapping them in plastic wrap and putting them out in the sun to bake. And the end product being a shit brick on there chest.
Hey man lets give Chip a hot carl..... A few squeezes later some plastic wrap around his chest a chair in the sun and some sunscreen. Two hours later hey man what is the shit brick on my chest?? AHAahaha its a hot carl/karl
by Reubin Minuts August 10, 2010
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