A quick way to get drunk. Since alcohol is absorbed in the intestines, a quick route is to fill an enema bag with wine and insert it into the anus and squeeze. Voila. Who needs the calories of imbibing.
Last night Shirley wanted to get drunk, but she didn't feel like drinking. So, we made a wine enema by filling up an enema bag with boons, inserted into her anus, and squeezed.
by Jarb February 18, 2009
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the act of inserting a bottle of wine into the anus and getting into a position that would allow the wine to pour out of the bottle. this act is often performed by vagrants.
Dude, i saw a guy in the alley the other day doing a hand stand with a bottle sticking out of his ass. he said "fuck off, im giving myself a wine enema!!!!" it was awesome.
by axw536 October 04, 2006
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