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The art of stuffing one's balls into someone else's ass, allowing the anus to grip firmly down on the nut sack. Similar to tea bagging, but instead of dipping one's nuts into the recipient's mouth, the more difficult task of cramming them up one's ass is excecuted. Appreciated for it's snugness as well as warmth - a rare act, and one to be cherished for it's degree of difficulty. Also known in some circles as "N in da A" (Nuts in the Ass).
"Damn Tron - you clowning dat bitch out! - stuffin' dem nutz in her ass - hot ballooning dat shit out!"

"Why you walking funny James?... James responds, "shit nug - I's gots my ass hot ballooned last night by Tyrone again - hurts like a mutha fucka!"
by Victa E August 21, 2006
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