Great song by Cold War Kids. Part of several of their EPs.
'Nothin to do here, just whine and complain, in bed at the hospital..'
-Hospital Beds
by Commander Pancakes September 1, 2006
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The position in which involuntary muscle contractions force the legs and upper body to rise upwards simultaneously, similar to the functions of a hospital bed.

This phenomenon is the result of an intense ejaculation after receiving world class fellatio.
Tom: How was your date last night?
Phil: It was great, she put me in a hospital bed.

coined by KC
by KC1984 March 12, 2009
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A mixed drink of tequila and Mountain Dew's "Amp Relaunch".

Served ice cold, or on the rocks. Can add fruit such as orange slices and other citrus'. Generally drank out of the original can.

Similar to the mixed drink "Captain's Cream-Sicle". Where you use spiced rum instead of tequila.

They will both leave you with an energetic drunk. Also know to cure hangovers.

Earliest records recount that it was created in N.C. June, 2010.
The party was really lacking, so I made "Sex In A Hospital Bed". Now every one is talking really loud and hugging.

Alcoholic energy drinks Good drinks Nasty drinks Mixed Energy drinks Party drink Tequila energy drink AMP energy drink Carbonated mixed drinks Drinking and video games Sugary alcoholic beverage
by Sbttls July 8, 2010
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The only thing Izuku has ever found himself in after using one for all
Hospital bed existing

Deku: hey bed.
Hospital bed: why am I not suprised?
by No user February 19, 2021
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