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When someone sticks a garden hose up their ass & fills up their intestines with water, walks like a duck to their nearby target, and launches the high pressure stream of water out of their ass...ideally hitting someone in the face.
Holy shit bro did you see that! I just Hosi'd that bitch in the face!
by astralanus February 11, 2010
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It is a London slang When someone is extremely slutty or being worse than a j-bag.

Hosing is when they are being slutty and this is implied for boys too
Jamal: did u see that gyals Insta, what a j-bag

Jamie: more like a fackin hosi m8
by YesM8 October 31, 2016
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A father with a kid and the mom walked out on him.
Hey guys didn't Jerry get Sam Pregnant.
Yeah, but i think hes a hosi now
by dracoj May 25, 2008
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