(adj.) horrifible; a linguistic coalescent metathesis.

Something so horrifically horrible that this is the only descriptor your gibbering mouth can muster.
"But.. what.... that was .. horrifible...

- After your first 'OneGuyOneJar-ing'

- A failed attempt at completing ED's 'Offended' page

- Tomatoes in my fucking sandwhich.
by DiscoPubes December 15, 2009
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When something looks horrific, but you can’t be bothered to say the entire word.
That squirrel has been squashed with a Segway, it looks horrif!
by Son Yin no G Hine January 15, 2021
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something that is extremely unusual and cause you mental pain or distress
seeing that person naked was so horrific that i can never look them in the eye ever again
by crazymusicdudette January 1, 2009
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horrific means something terrifically horrible very bad, unusual, not good
this absolutely horrific
by Rokai August 6, 2014
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Today mark the 23rd anniversary of the horrifical hurricane
by Mr. Duck butt September 15, 2016
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Something that is more than horrible, terrible and awful. But in some ways is amazing and unexpected!

It is an adjective.

Synonym: Shitty situation that happened but that is amazing because it actually happened
Girl, " I heard your account on World of Warcraft got hacked!"
Guy, "Yea it's totally horrificating."
Girl, "Yes, it is totally horrible and unexpected and amazing that someone could actually hack it!"
Guy, "No, its horrificating because I know you hacked it because of that night with the cybering..."
Girl, "Ooh, true." *laughs meniacally*
Guy, "You are horrificating"
Girl, "I know."
by Azivin December 7, 2009
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