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horriblize (verb): to horriblize someone is to speak poorly of them in a way that flies under the radar. The purpose is to try and make other people dislike the person as well. Whether it be something they said, or did, or even something petty based on what they're wearing.

Bringing a person down by way of gossip and lies, with hopes of getting people to agree with you and hate the person too.
The ex-girlfriend walks in, and the new girlfriend gets jealous.
New girlfriend: "Oh my god, look at that mini-skirt and stilettos she's wearing. Obviously she's whoring for a man."
New gf's friend: "Look at her Cheeto colored skin and fake eyelashes, too! You're so much better than her."
New gf's other friend: "Your boyfriend obviously loved her, or he wouldn't have been with her for three years. So why are you trying to horriblize her for doing what she wants? You don't even know anything about her and you're trying to bring her down."
See haters, or bitch eating crackers.
by StopSnoring May 20, 2015
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