A metalhead term that can be used in a way somewhat similar to "thumbs up" or as a sign of appreciation, generally followed by throwing the horns.
"Horns up to... (insert band/place/item)"
by TheBeastInBlack August 12, 2007
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State of sexual excitement or arousal
I was so horned up last night I'd have shagged anything
by Dogbyte December 20, 2006
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Expression of coolness or excitement given to someone else in the form of a hand gesture. Hand gesture is formed by extending the pinky and index finger, bending down the ring and middle finger and holding those two fingers down with the thumb. May also be confused with "Long Horns Up Top".
Look at Meghan grinding that drunk ass Kentuckian. We must be in Old Town! Bull Horns Up Top!
by C, E, & B February 19, 2005
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