A member of The Horde (see also: WoW, World of Warcraft, MMORPG) who accumulates as many items as possible and never shares them, sells them, or uses them. They will cling selfishly to these items until they are no longer useful and expired from game play OR hoard things like cloth that could be used by the guild. This often results in creation of extra characters simply for bank tab space.

Literally, "A Horde Hoarder."
(1) Player A: "Dude! You're not using that item. Sell it to me?"
Player B: "No way, I need it."
Player A: "No you don't, you haven't played the game in six months!! *sigh* Horder."

(2) Player X: "You have one level 85 character and seven level 3's."
Player Y: "FOR THE HOARD!!!11"
by President Warren G. Harding August 8, 2011
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David: hey look it's james!
Jai: Don't talk to him he is a asshole!!
James: HeY BrUhs IM So CoOl I HaVe AiRPods And A GiRl Friend In mElBoRnE1
by Notdavid365 December 4, 2019
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One who refuses to delete any photos off their phone or even move them to their computer.
Me: you're such a photo horder!
Them: what are you talking about? I only have 3,793.
Me: more than half are blurry or doubles!
by cjwolfy May 13, 2014
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A woman who has only guys for friends.
My ex has no female friends. She's a real cock horder.
by nocturnal reclusive October 28, 2014
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a person who virtually hordes everything from porn, cat pictures, porn, .gifs, porn and eventually has 10 harddrives full of clutter also known as virtual clutter
Miranda is a virtual horder, she doesn't even watch all that cat porn she downloads.
by monamiejorgedotcom June 29, 2010
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Similar to the phrase 'up the creek without a paddle'; it is used to describe a terrible situation which there is no way to resolve. 'Horder' is a known bummer, so to be round his house without an arse-guard suggest an anal-rape is likely for the guardless individual.
I acidentally flushed my friends english coursework down the the toliet the day before he had to hand it in. If he finds out I'm round Horder's without an arse-guard.
by Rimbor April 20, 2005
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Someone who has a bunch of nonsense apps on their phone such as a clock app or camera app.
dude, mike is such an app horder. He spent 10 minutes looking for temple run on his phone
by cjwolfy May 13, 2014
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